000nav website is slowly being rebuilt after being hit with the ransom ware virus Amnesia 3 Scarab.

This happened as a result of using a remote desktop system that I needed to allow remote connections to the fire stations PC's The system I was using utilises a hosting proxy repeater allowing a full Nat to Nat connection hosted by myself. Unfortunately, the repeater had a vulnerability and Amnesia got in and wiped out my servers and a hand full of fire station 000nav pc's.

The pc's that it hit only had encrypted files and a ransom note left in a text file on the desktop. There were no more virus type propagation of this as one vulnerability of amnesia itself is that it cannot hang around too long or it might get caught and then we have the decryption key, they no longer have the ability to demand a ransom. I have just found that it also hit several councils, Dandenong being one of them.


These have nearly all been restored and I am also continuing to work on my servers to get back to where we were and hopefully better!



Yes if you start looking around this website you will quickly see that it is a Joomla website standard package and I have not got to changing anything yet, so be patient, I will get there.


Rob Gater.